#FridayFoodPhoto – Arancini Rice Balls in New York

Have you ever eaten a deep fried rice ball? Sounds interesting yes, but boy are they delicious!

While in New York City this past June I went on my second food tour with Foods Of New York Tours. Previously I had done a fantastic Nolita food tour with them and this time I chose to go on the Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Walking Tour. My review from the Greenwich Village tour is coming soon but first I had to share with you the RICE BALLS.

For the Greenwich Village Tour we circled around on a few streets and came past Faicco’s Italian Specialties a couple of times. Displayed in their front window were the rice balls and after passing a couple of times I was getting a bit curious about them and was excited that we were able to try some hot ones right out of the fryer.

Italian Rice Balls also known as Arancini apparently originally came to be as a way to use leftovers and can be made from numerous ingredients from rice to risotto, a meatball sauce, bread crumbs, mozzarella cheese and a whole lot more (not necessarily all in the same arancini at once.)

Eating them hot is the best way to have this filling treat but hopefully you aren’t counting your calories and I can promise you that you will want more than just one.

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