#FridayFoodPhoto – Grandma’s Mountain Cookies!


#FridayFoodPhoto - Grandma's Mountain Cookies!

This past week after a travel blogging conference in Keystone, Colorado I found myself touring through Rocky Mountain National Park with travel blogger friends, Amanda, Dustin and Dave. We saw some stunning views and mountains, and spotted some amazing animals big and small. As we were leaving the national park we stopped in a small town and area called Estes Park for a bite to eat and as you do on our way to dinner we spotted dessert first. Grandma’s Mountain Cookies.

We stared into the store front window, possibly drooling. We headed for dinner at a burger joint that was ok but all we could think about was those cookies. Once done we b-lined it back there to Grandma’s as soon as possible, hoping she wasn’t closed to fill ourselves up with goodies for the rest of our drive.

What made the experience even better was that Grandma’s Mountain Cookies were served to us by none other than Grandma herself. I went for the classic Chocolate Chip cookie where the others went for a snicker doodle and other selections. (I think this was my first time even learning of what a snickerdoodle was!) and I don’t need to tell you that yes they were damn good. I appreciated the fact that these weren’t just any fancy kind of cookies, Grandma wasn’t trying to be something she isn’t but these were cookies from the soul. She even told us her 17 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren love to eat them up and if you have that many grandkids I guess you definitely need to know how to make some good cookies!

Also did I mention, she had a Jackalope on the wall?! Who doesn’t love a lady with one of those hanging up there greeting customers?!

What are your favourite cookies that Grandma use to make you?

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