I use to be very particular about what I drank on the airplane, almost like a superstition, if I didn’t drink one certain thing on the plane like I always did something would go wrong. Or I suppose also like a custom, I’m on a plane that means I drink ginger ale. However in the past few years I’ve been switching it up a bit, sometimes diet coke, or tomato juice, maybe a tea or some beer. Now I am wondering if anyone else actually puts this much thought into what they drink on an airplane or am I just crazy…? Lets not think about that one…

Todays Friday Food Photo is of a “first” for me, I have had this drink many times on the ground but never at 36,000 feet in the air. I give you the Caesar! A little less fancy than the ones I normally get on the ground as there was no celery salt rimier, no tabasco or worcestershire sauce, but I was impressed with the slice of lemon and that the clamato was “spicy”.

What is clamato you ask? That is a story for a whole other time and what is a Caesar? It’s similar to a Bloody Mary but waaaaay better, its a Bloody Mary with a Canadian twist.

Do you have a specific drink you always like to have when flying / traveling?