This past Sunday I attended my first ever #PodCampHfx, now in its third year I was eager to attend such an event in my home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have been blogging for more than two years and I’ve been tweeting for almost two years now (627 days if anyone is counting…) and I hardly know, follow, read anything from fellow Haligonian bloggers and tweeters. Of course this is no ones fault but my own, but now Pod Camp Halifax has given me a chance to meet 300 of them all in one spot. Dartmouth….

Oh Dartmouth, I’ve never liked you very much, but I guess you are ok. I like your mall. I think Aarron Veinotte who tweets for NS Power said/tweeted it best at the conference “This is the longest time I’ve ever spent in Dartmouth and still enjoyed myself. #podcamphfx” Ooops… I hope it’s ok that I just outed you as the voice of NS Power… sorry again for raging at you when my power went out a couple weeks ago… friends?

I had a great day at this tweetup/conference/social media/podcasty thing held at the Alderny Gate Library and I definitely plan on attending again next year and maybe going out for drinks on Every Third Wednesday now or attending Twushi (twitter and sushi I don’t think you can go wrong).

Here are seven things that I learned from Pod Camp Halifax, please let me know if you think I forgot something, or if there was something that you learned that you think should be added. (This is really just a random list so please comment and add more to it 🙂 )

1. This city has some amazingly talented, humourous, witty, smart, bloggy, tweety people!

2. PREZI. Christine Larade did a talk “The importance of networking: Finding your social media friends and allies” where she talked about starting a Social Media Club in Nova Scotia which I think is a great idea. (Follow on twitter!)

Social Media Club’s mission is to connect media makers from around the world to advance media literacy, promote industry standards, encourage ethical behaviour and share the lessons they have learned.”

However I must say I was mesmerized with the way she was presenting. She used this great tool called PREZI which is a million times better than PowerPoint (not that I ever use PowerPoint or present things ever, but now I want to!) I think PREZI would be a great way to show case the idea/concept for the Travel Show I am working on and a million other things.

3. From Maria McGowan‘s talk ” The ROI of Social Media” I learned that even though I am a small little blogger that I should start thinking about my ROI (Return On Investment) especially for when I want free flights and trips and other lovely things (which I am open to receiving at any time!). I need to use HootSuite more and put secret tracking codes in my links on Facebook and Twitter to help me track my traffic and better calculate my ROI. (oh god this sounds like a lot of work) Also I am now tracking how many followers and facebook “likes” I get a month and average out my Facebook impressions and make a cute little graph that is sure to impress.

4. Social Media is just like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it but no one knows how.” best quote ever by Aarron Veinotte. (Why is this post turning into a feature on you and I only just kind of met you yesterday? haha)

5. People love a good giveaway like an iPad. Sadly I did not win one, but there is a new one coming out soon any way! suckers…. 🙂 (~sigh I want one so bad and free is so much better than not free)

6. Live streaming tweets on a large screen behind a Panel Discussion can be hilarious, yet distracting… I swear we were all listening to you! Bessy Nikolaou, Carman Pirie and Kevin McCann.

7. Attending conferences or “unconferences” like this one is a great way to get quality followers on twitter and friends that are interested in the same things as you. I first actually realized this last year when I attended my first TBEX – Travel Bloggers conference in New York and am excited to be going to the next one this June in Vancouver!

My only two comments on how I think this could be better are 1) Maybe not schedule so many things at the same time so we have more time to see more things? 2) Have an after party too! That way we can mingle and share everything we learned together and have drinks with our new aquaintences (oh and maybe have it on  a Saturday … 🙂 )

Other bloggers are writing about their experiences now too!



See you next year!


(Note: The above photo was taken at the conference I went to in New York. I’ve started a trend on my site of having a photo of me doing something with every post and this is the only one I had that worked…soooo yep…. it relates…. haha)