The lovely ladies at Do It While You’re Young have asked me to pass on this info to anyone interested.

On May 6, 2010 at 7:00 PM Central (8:00PM Eastern/5:00PM Pacific) Jerri and Kristina from DIWYY are holding a webinar specifically on how to finance a trip abroad. It will cover many topics from finding the best trip for you, be it volunteering, working or studying abroad to planning your budget before and during your trip.

Please see more of their event info listed below, if you are interested sign up here 🙂

Want to travel abroad but not sure how to pay for it?

Join your hosts, co-founders of DIWYY, Jerri Stephenson and Kristina Wegscheider, as they help you learn how to budget, bargain and save for your dream trip.

The webinar will cover the topics of:

  • Choosing the trip you want to go on
    • Find your destination based on costs of getting there and staying there
    • Decide the best trip for you: volunteering, working, studying abroad (all three?)
  • Planning a budget
    • Determine how much you need and how long until you will have it all before you leave on your journey
    • Consider before-you-leave-home costs such as visa, passport, immunizations
    • Deciding what you will spend your money on once you get there: transportation, housing, food, enteratainment, etc.
  • Paying for it all
    • How to find and use scholarships, loans, saving, relatives, gift registries, odd jobs

Between Kristina and Jerri, they’ve covered 7 continents and more than 60 countries through studying, volunteering, and working abroad and all before the age of 30. Between student loans, fundraisers, scrimping, saving, bartering and bargaining they’ve done it all in order to find ways to travel the world.

Name: Kristina Wegscheider

Role: Co-founder/Editor/Writer

Hometown: San Jose, CA

U.S. States Visited: 24

Countries Visited: 45

Continent Count: 7

Education: Bachelor’s in Mass Communication from U.C. Berkeley; currently pursuing Master’s in Human Resources from Chapman University

Travel Specialties: Balancing a full-time job with a full travel schedule, Studying abroad, Frequent flyer miles

When she is not traveling, she is: running, biking, watching movies, dining with friends and writing about travel.

Name: Jerri Stephenson

Role: Co-founder/Editor/Social Media Guru

Hometown: Houston, TX

U.S. States Visited: 34

Countries Visited: 28

Continent Count: 6

Education: Bachelor’s in Management and Marketing from Abilene Christian University; completing pre-reqs to apply to medical school

Travel Specialties: Working abroad, studying abroad, backpacking

When she is not traveling, she is: running, going to the beach, Twittering, doing yoga, and thinking about the next trip.