I’m posting a new video which will be the start of a new video series featuring travelers from around the world talking about their travels, their experiences and life in general. The first video in the series features a few great travel bloggers –

Aly & John from www.HopandJaunt.com

Mike Frisk from www.KickTheGrind.TV

Robert Reid from www.ReidOnTravel.com

Jeannie Mark from www.NomadicChick.com

Brock Groombridge from www.BackpackWithBrock.com

Jade and Bob from www.Vagabond3.com

Ant and Elise from www.PositiveWorldTravel.com

I’ve asked them all to tell me why they love to travel and to also share their best and worst travel stories. I received an overwhelming response of videos from this group (thank you very much!) and have selected the best for this first video. This video runs 8mins 30secs but could of easily been 30mins it was hard to get it as short as I did.

I hope you enjoy! I am currently looking for people who would like to contribute for the next video but also would love to hear your thoughts and ideas with this project. Please let me know if you have any questions that you would specifically like to hear travelers answer on video too. Either leave a comment below or send me an email cailinoneil (at) travelyourself.ca