Noffbassador Assignment 3

As many of you might know I am an ambassador “Noffbassador” for the Nomading Film Festival and every time I travel somewhere they give me mini video assignments that I must accomplish. While in the UK and other parts of Europe in November I was given the task to film some Welsh accents, visit Charles Darwin and Issac Newton’s graves at Westminister Abbey. However I soon found out you are not allowed to film in the Abbey and I never met anyone with a heavy Welsh accent while in Wales.

I failed my Noffbassador Assignment :(

But in true Noffbassador form I made a video anyway! Mostly consisting of me not doing the assignment and pretty video from my trip. Hopefully you will enjoy and Assignment #4 won’t be as difficult.


Engage. Explore. Record. – If you are in Portland, Oregon this weekend check out the Noff Winter Recess where they will be screening the films from June’s festival as well as an exciting video by Bassam from his trip to Everest Base Camp!

You have until April 30th to submit your own travel video Noff, so hit recording and start creating! :)

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