Instagram Food Photos #011 – from the Budget Traveller Kash Bhattacharya

A good friend of mine Kash Bhattacharya aka the Budget Traveler just recently spent a fair bit of time in Italy before and after this years TBU – Travel Blogging Conference in Umbria, Italy. There are also a few shots from the Blogville Emilia Romagna Project and from Kash’s tour of Luxury Hostels in Europe. Following him on Twitter and Facebook I found myself constantly drooling over all of the amazing food he was eating and because of that this weeks “Instagram Food Photos” are from Kash’s Instagram feed so you can now drool along with me. Check it out.

Lunch at Torre Margaritelli. I’m in heaven…

Wine, prosciutto? beans and sausage? Whatever it is I wish I was in heaven with you! :)

Terre Margaritelli Winery. In Torgiano.

Drank it too quickly to take a photo? 

Now eating Stringozzi – typical Umbrian pasta with stinging nettle pesto & tomato.

This gets filed into the #meganoms section.

Sergent Pepper aka @legalnomads #biggerthanjodishead

The Taste of Travel guest blogger Jodi Ettenberg of gets compared to a giant pepper.

Impromptu Rocciata cooking class-typical of Montefalco. Yumgastic.

Wicked awesome.

Festival of Saint George – Last night at Torgiano.

Epic is my only description for this photo.

I discovered a new love in Modena- Balsamico Vinegar from Acetaia Giorgio.

OMG I am obsessed with Balsamic Vinegar, food envious!

Eating deep fried shrimps & anchovies with Rosso frizzante in Comacchio.

Food action shots = wicked.

Fries. With mayonnaise? YES. I am in Amsterdam!!! Yeahhhhh

So wrong, but tastes so good!

Big fan of Bazar-their tabouleh salad with chicken kebabs is the best. Cost 9 euros

Can’t beat that price for what looks like a delicious meal!

Have you ever sampled some of this great food that Kash has shared? Do you post wicked food photos that you think should be featured here? Let us know in the comments.

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