The Yukon’s Greatest Sandwich. Ever!


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Nestled along the rugged banks of the Yukon River, the small town of Dawson City exudes history, culture, arts, and yes, even incredibly good food. During my recent trip to the Yukon I was fortunate enough to try a bunch of different restaurants and shops. Of all the food that found it’s way into my mouth during that trip, a little sandwich shop along the downtown riverfront still finds it’s way into my food fantasies. Cheechakos Bake shop – home of the Yukon’s best…sandwiches.

Cheechakos is a small indie looking bakeshop nestled in the historic colourful buildings of downtown Dawson City. They serve a wide range of traditional and hand crafted sandwiches and baked goods, along with local coffee. Some might wonder how a tiny town of 1800-2000 residents could support such a unique creation, but as the saying goes – “Big things can come in small packages” – and their sandwiches are no different.

I ordered a turkey cranberry sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and a extra large slab of butter. The turkey was succulent, rich in flavour, and was most certainly not the processed garbage you sometimes find in sandwich shops. You literally could see the freshly cooked turkey behind the counter which looked as if had just been removed from the oven.

Sandwiches are prepared by hand and served in wax paper bags, ensuring every bit of meat that falls out of this monster sandwich is caught, giving you a tasty piece of desert meat. The bun’s are fluffy yet sturdy. The combination of “home cooked” flavours in this sandwich reminds me of family, friends, and thanksgiving – only without the fighting and awkward comments from your elderly relatives. Without a doubt, you won’t find a better sandwich in Dawson City, let alone the Yukon.

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