Afternoon Tea, Drinks and Snacks on Safari in South Africa

While on my first Safari Game Drive on the Ngala Game Reserve in South Africa we were told that part way through the drive we would stop for an afternoon tea and snack. I’ll admit my expectations weren’t that high because we were literally in the middle of nowhere Africa but I was blown away with what they set up and served to us. Over the next couple of days we had morning teas and snacks and afternoon drinks on each Safari, that is if we weren’t being surprised and served a delicious meal.

I’ll admit I was also slightly nervous getting out of the Safari vehicle to eat food in the middle of the South African wild but our guides and trackers made us feel safe each time and it was worth it for these tasty treats and amazing landscapes.

Dried bananas, mixed nuts and biltong! Mmmmm!

(Biltong is similar to  beef jerky but is thicker, and never sweet with different typical ingredients and typical processes)

Wine and ice. I felt like I was on a food photo shoot, the background behind this cute little table was just unbelievable. 

Liqour of your choosing, like Amarula (on the left) which tastes delicious in a hot chocolate! (similar to Kaluha.)

This made us feel like we were on a Safari trip fit for Kings and Queens. And then like you do… we put animal masks on…

Mike from doing his best elephant impression… arm in air = trunk. It was Halloween after all.

One of my favorite treats were called “crunches”. Yum!!!! (similar to a mix between a thick oat cake and an ANZAC biscuit)

A gorgeous view for some tea, as JD enjoys himself a few crunchies as well.


Going on a Safari was an amazing experience and having nice home comforts like this made it even better. Thanks to South Africa Tourism for having me and to And Beyond Safaris and the Ngala Game Reserve for treating us so well.

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