The final post in my series about New Zealand for Blog4NZ is actually a video! I traveled to New Zealand in November 2008, at this time I wasn’t making travel videos but captured some footage here and there on my point and shoot camera. I have never done anything with the footage except uploading a few raw bits on to facebook. Like they say “no times like the present” so I have now finally edited all of my footage and a few of my photographs together into a video I hope you enjoy!
Not filmed (but I wish I had) was also Glowworm Caving in Waitomo, lots of fun partying (Wellington has a great night life), seals and salt flats, kayaking amongst mangrove trees, a boat cruise and fishing on Lake Taupo and more, but memories last forever dont they? 🙂
I hope you enjoy the video and hop on a plane to New Zealand already!