I am just going to go out on a limb here and invent (I think) a new kind of traveler. (I’m sure someone has already thought of this idea but I am refusing to google it as I want the content of this post to be all out of my own brain, ya dig?).

Over the past few months I have signed up for various group buying sites here in Halifax like Groupon.com, TeamBuy.ca and KijijiDeals.ca. These websites (and the hundreds more now out there in the world) bring consumers together each day with the promise that if “X” amount of them purchase a deal that day that they will get up to 50% or more off of an item that they are interested in. Restaurants often have group buy deals like “pay $10 for $20 worth of food”, gym memberships are offered at half off the first month, Spa packages are discounted, tickets to a museum are half price and much much more.

In November I actually purchased a Groupon for my father as a Christmas present and for my father from 44Wide which was a 16″ X 20″gallery wrapped canvas with an image printed on it of my choosing. The original cost of this was $215 but it was 68% off on Groupon so I would get it for only $69! I ordered it with an image he had taken while traveling in Italy and surprised him with it on Christmas day and he was so thrilled that he literally still has the plastic on it.

I’ve also bought some awesome restaurant deals like wicked sushi (which lead me to buy a little more sushi then normal and almost caused me to have sushi overdose) and am yet to redeem a coupon for my favorite pasta place. I get these emails in my inbox every day from these companies tempting me to buy all of these great deals and it got me thinking. “I wonder if they have these websites in countries outside of North America?” Funnily I googled this and found a wicked list of similar Australian websites that have these offers from my lovely friends Kieron and Amy over at DontEverLookBack.com . This then made me think “If I plan a few months ahead and subscribe to these websites in cities where I know I will be visiting on my travels can I make my travels even more affordable and travel around on coupons?”

Just think about it museum discounts, tour discounts, restaurant discounts (which when you are a backpacker can make a big difference because now you can possibly afford a dinner out at a restaurant instead of just cooking in your hostel) and more. To me a nice meal while on the road can be great morale booster when your homesick or just tired.

Just looking at the great Australian list compiled by Kieron and Amy I already found deals that I would love to have while traveling like a discount to the amazing Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, 55% off a horse back riding tour, 73% off surfing lessons at Bondi beach, 4 hours of Kayaking at Manly beach for 5%7 off, $49 for a Yarra Valley full day wine tour that would normally cost you $121 and so much more. Just doing the research for this post is exciting me.

I know that not all sites work in every country and I am sure that some of them are only country specific (i.e. you must have a local address / credit card to sign up) but I know for a fact that ย Groupon operates in 27 different countries and when I change my city/country on my profile and attempt to buy a deal in the UK it lets me. JUST THINK OF THE POTENTIAL!! Of course this takes a lot of advanced planning, but if you know your dates of travel it really can’t hurt to get email notifications from these sites every day because you never know what might pop up next! (Also a lot of the deals are good for a whole year which is sweet!)

Will you be a “Group Coupon Buyer Traveler”? (I need to find a shorter word/name for that please list suggestions below haha GCBT?) I know I’m going to try it next time I’m on the road. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this idea!

(The above photo is me at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia with Darrel and Flannery my Koala friends)