Friends – Word of the Day

In the past couple years I have met so many new friends, through my travels and Social media and I have also figured out who my lifetime friends really are. I would of never imagined before that just by starting a Travel Blog that I would become so connected and find so many people like me and make so many new friends. I feel very happy to have such great friends and I just want to thank each and everyone of you for being my friend, thanks for the smiles and the tears, the hangovers and the beers (haha that just rhymed unintentionally I swear). It’s literally impossible for me to list all of you but I hope you know who you are!

Not only have I met these people on the road or online but I have also had the pleasure of welcoming them to my own city. As you can see in the photo above (clockwise) Andy That Travel Guy from Sharing Travel Experiences, whom I originally met on Twitter and in New York at the TBEX Conference, Candice of Candice Does the World, friends from Twitter that I first met in her current hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland (and has now become a great friend for life and drinking buddy), Carlo from Vagabonderz who I met via Matador and for the first time at TBEX and last but not least the lovely Jeannie Mark of Nomadic Chick fame a friend from Twitter, we met for the very first time when she visited Halifax, but have since again met in London. The four of them have not only become good friends of mine but also have helped me start a new tradition here in Halifax, if you come visit me I’m forcing you to eat Garlic Fingers at Rogue’s Roost. However there wasn’t actually much forcing going on, rather there was more of me trying to get them to share with me and not eat them all!

While here Andy and I took a few laugh filled, timbit eating road trips around Nova Scotia which included a trip to visit another great friend of both of ours, Doug from the Authentic Seacoast. Doug who was recently awarded “The annual Tourism Atlantic Technology Award” is one of the most generous people that I have met this year and is doing great things for tourism in Nova Scotia.

I can’t however forget the person who was my first “met in real life” friend from twitter Chris from The Aussie Nomad. I can’t remember when we became friends online but I do remember when we first met. In May of this year I suddenly had two weeks off from work and I flew over to Europe for the week. Knowing that Chris was in the middle of his European tour I thought it would be fun to meet up with him and we did just that in Copenhagen. Although an extremely pricey city we saw many of the sites (as you can see in the video) and became even better friends. I saw him again just recently on my “spontaneous” trip to London and hope that it wasn’t the last time, I doubt it will be.

I’ve also met some great friends through travel who aren’t bloggers or twitterers like Cat from Vancouver who lives in London that I met in Spain. Hanna whom I traveled around with in Fiji and have also visited in her hometown in Sweden. Some of my best friends are definitely the aussie crowd that I met in Europe in December 2007 like the lovely Henry Holland who is now successfully running his own clothing line Eleventh Commandment, the forever student soon to be a lawyer Beth, the hilariously crass Lauren and boyfriend Sam who once had me believe they were Dolphin trainers… (they would be much cooler if they actually were… ahem…) and last but not least the lovely Kenny Li from the great city of “Rad-elaide” which I have yet to visit.

The list could go on and on, clearly I might have to start making this a series, so if you are hurt that you weren’t mentioned here don’t worry I am saving the best for last and if you are mentioned here but just read this last sentence and are now angry with me know that I just said it so that the others didn’t feel bad but if you are the others know that….. oh god you get the point I love you all, thanks for being a friend.


PS I also need to shout out to my life time friends Paola, Meghan, Sarah and the rest of you who never read my blog, you aren’t featured because you will never realize I wrote this but you are awesome and still deserve a little mention ;)