Procrastination – Word of the day (or of my life…)

I’m not sure if it’s laziness, lack of motivation, fear of having nothing left to do because I’ve done everything or one of the other millions of options that cause people to procrastinate but I’ve definitely got a problem. Currently I have a couple guest posts to write, videos to edit (including my own TV show), work to do, emails to send, trips to book, my own two sites to run along with starting up a third one and the list goes on, however I am currently enjoying some Christmas cookies and watching NCIS. Oh and I am almost procrastinating so much that I am now writing about procrastinating instead of actually using this time to do the  things I need to do.

(This picture > A few weeks ago I found out I had a few extra days off work. Instead of staying home and catching up on things I hopped on a plane and went to London and drank beer at the World Travel Market.)

I feel like this might be a problem of my generation. I definitely don’t think that I am the only one stalling so much…. Am I? Anyone else out there doing the same thing? ….Bueller?….. Bueller?

OMG I just caught myself procrastinating on writing this post! I’ve got a credit card in hand and am about to purchase something off of .

I’ve also been procrastinating on my health, being too lazy to eat healthy food because unhealthy food is more convenient and I’ve been avoiding looking at the elliptical sitting in the next room screaming my name. As of writing this post I’ve got 24 days to the new year, but I’m starting now, pledging to myself and you that from now on I am going to smarten the hell up! and stop procrastinating.

Let me know if you fall victim to the alluring procrastination monster as well. What are the things that you have been putting off? Do you want get your butt in gear and get on the ball too? I’d love to hear from you guys!