(photo above: me enjoying Gazpacho in Spain that someone else gladly paid for – but please don’t be making me pay for your fancy surf n’ turf with truffles when what I ate wasn’t anywhere close in price comparison)

Splitting the bill – word(s) of the day

Splitting the bill I more often then not hate this idea. There I said it, so sue me Americans and Europeans and who ever else that think this is a way of life. I’m not referring to being on a date and refusing to split the bill (or going dutch), I’m a lady of 2011 I’m fine with that, but I’m not going to say no if he offers…. What I am referring too is being out for food with friends and the server bringing only one bill and someone saying “Lets just split the tab.”

Why is this in your culture!? Why do people do this!? In Canada or at least where I live this is unheard of and if I pulled this on my friends they would loose their shit! Servers here know it to and always ask if we are splitting or altogether and I’m pretty sure when it is a group of 4 or more they just assume the bills are all separate.

Two specific instances of this crazy “bill splitting” come to mind when I talk about this, the first was in New York at TBEX last June 2010.  Maybe 6 or 7 of us were out at a cool little old pub and most of us were eating these famous burgers and fries of theirs, enjoying our food and having a great time and then the moment to pay came. (This was probably my first time experiencing this) I looked around and was fine with the idea of splitting the bill because all of us pretty much had the same thing, that is fine except… one of my friends who is unfamiliar with this concept as well, had specifically ordered a cheaper food option to keep her costs down as she didn’t have much money while traveling and suddenly she was stuck paying way more than expected.

The other time was the same situation but instead this time it was a table of 19 of us and everyone had various different things for dinner including alcoholic beverages. Not only was a friend who was low on funds and only had an appetizer left to pay for a full meal but then also the “splitting” calculations were done wrong and another person had to pay an extra $20 when he was the last one left and the server realized we had unintentionally shorted him on the bill. (most of us paid him back for that slip up)

Maybe when I’m rich I won’t mind this whole “splitting the bill” business, heck when I’m rich I’ll just pay for everyone’s meal! But until then, please for the love of god if I’m having dinner with a bunch of friends lets just pay for our own or at least tell me we are splitting the bill in advance, before the meal so I can order the steak!!

What are your thoughts on this? Is it common practice where you live? Does this make me seem cheap? haha

Now lets amuse ourselves with this video shall we?