Tour – Word of the Day

(the above photo: Me about to go on the best kind of tour)

As we travel to where ever it is that we do we “tour“. Whether it be finding your way to your hostel or jumping on a double decker city tour there are countless ways to tour. How do you tour? What kind of tours do you do?

Free walking Tour? – A lot of big cities these days have free walking tours offered daily. Many suggest this is the best way to tour around as you get to see everything at street level and you get to pick up on the little things that you might of missed other wise. As well as getting tons of “insider” info from the tour guide.

Guide book tour? Do you clench your Guide book from the beginnning to the end of your trip? Are the pages bent, marked and high lighted with your crinkley map, are you visiting the “best ofs” and the “must sees”? Be it with the old school guide book or the itouch type guide book, do you pound the streets following someone else’s every word?

Tour bus tour? There are many different options for bus tours, from Day trips to near by towns to narrated sight seeing city tours that you can hop on or hop off of.

Word of mouth tour? Do you show up to a place, go to an info booth or the front desk of your accomodations and say “What now?”. Do you ask all of your friends before you travel if they have been where you are headed and ask what you should do?

Get lost tour? (A favorite of mine) Do you grab a map and literally just wander,  just get lost in a city or new place exploring it for yourself?

Research tour? Do you spend hours on the internet before a trip pouring over information and blogs planning every last minute of your trip?

Destination tour? Do you head to a place with a specific destination in mind and travel just to see that and only that?

I’m sure I could list many more. I would say that I am a mix between them all. Rarely do I plan or do any research before I travel to a place. (not sure why) Often I like to fork over the extra bucks and jump on a hop on hop off tour if available where I am. It’s a great way to learn the layout of a place and learn about it in a quick way. Also most often a tour lasts 1-2 hours but tickets are sometimes good for two days! Generally I’ll do the tour once and then just use the bus as a means of transportation for the rest of the time available on the ticket.

It might be a little extreme or somewhat opposite sides of the scope but just as much as I like those bus tours I also love just grabbing a map and getting lost. I find you can often stumble on the neatest things this way…. and lucky for you if you can find it again later.

How do you tour? What kind of tour person are you? Are there any that I left out that you think should definitely be mentioned?