Winning – Word of the day

Something unusual happened this past week, Charlie Sheen went a little crazy publicly and he actually inspired me for todays word of the day. Winning, bi-winning, tiger blood, rock star from mars you name it the world is buzzing with this mans one liners. Also this week he got the honor of holding the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for gaining 1 million followers on twitter in the shortest amount of time. 24hours. Impressive.

I myself have never personally known Mr. Charlie Sheen how ever growing up “Hot Shots Part Deux” was definitely one of my favorite movies. (Anyone else with me?)

I feel a little like Charlie Sheen these days “winning” at life. I have some great friends, a good job, life style and I am traveling very soon (Newfoundland on Friday!). Compared to most of my friends I choose to live a bit of a different life style. I work only freelance jobs and the moment I am offered a job that has the potential to have me working longer than 3 months I tend to freak out and run away like a little girl. I once turned down a job and told the person offering me “It’s too big of a job for me.” to which they responded “No I don’t think so, you can definitely do it.” To which I laughed and said “Not too big in that way, too big in length!” I need to travel, I can’t sit in one spot for that long. Most of my jobs are in Film and TV but these are the type of jobs where you work a minimum of 14 hour days 5 days a week, they are jobs I love especially because they never last that long. I also have some great parents who put up with my different way of choosing to live life. They, like some friends think I’m crazy when I’ve turned down a job (I really don’t turn down jobs often but once in a blue moon I do when I choose travel over work), but I want to be happy in this life and I’m very happy working, but I am even happier traveling.

The word winning also makes me think of my luck with Social Media. It’s amazing how many things you can win when you use it with out even trying. Not only have I won some amazing followers over the past few years but I just won 5 days 4 nights accommodations in Cancun Mexico from Yucatan Holidays on Facebook, I won a cook book about #NUTS and a CO2 detector from the lovely MidLifeRoadTrip folks, I once won a Flip Camera and some Royal Holidays swag from the lovely Trisha at Travel Writers Exchange and I also won $250 from Backpacking Matt $50 for me and $200 for Hotel

I am one of those people who always says ” I never win anything” (I swear really I don’t) but when I think about the past few years of my life I get a little crazy like Mr. Sheen.

What about you? Have you felt like a winner lately? Have you won anything exciting?

**UPDATE: Charlie has contacted me and told me that he approves of this post…. haha I kid I kid!