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Today I bring you the biggest and best news that I have ever been able to share with you here on Travel Yourself. Not only am I finally sharing with you my first Spain video from my trip with a camera man to film the first episode of my own travel TV show all the way back in August 2009, but I am also excited to share with you that Travel Yourself is officially joining forces with Ocean Entertainment.

“Travel host and well-received vlogger, Cailin O’Neil, has teamed up with award-winning production company, Ocean Entertainment, to bring an exciting new series to life.” 


(Read the Press Release here! Travel Yourself Press Release )

I started Travel Yourself in July 2009 after deciding that I was going to film an episode of my own travel show in Spain in hopes to some day fulfill a dream that many of us have and actually have my own travel show on TV. I paid out of my own pocket for two round trip flights to Spain for myself and my camera man and friend Cam Erais and it was one of the craziest, busiest weeks of our lives. We literally hit the ground running, recording something crazy, like 22 hours of footage within 7 days.

Since then I have been building a following for Travel Yourself on Facebook and Twitter, blogging, vlogging, all along with continuing to travel and creating more and more videos. I have also waited until the right time to share my Spain videos with the world and now that I have the help of Ocean Entertainment I bring you the first video

Travel Yourself in Spain – Barcelona and Valencia“.



Now who is Ocean Entertainment  you ask? They are an award winning television Production Company from my home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia and together we are making Travel Yourself better than ever. If you haven’t already noticed in the past month the Travel Yourself website has gotten a major facelift and a brand spanking new logo. Visit the Home Page to get the full effect of its awesomeness. We are also working together on making higher quality travel videos, developing partnerships and sponsorships with various companies like Hartmann Luggage, Nikon Canada and various tourism boards.

(If you are interested in working together please be in touch ) Once again I suggest you check out the Press Release. Travel Yourself Press Release .

I am so thrilled that I can finally share this exciting news with all of you. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Spain video and I highly suggest that you sign up for our **NEW** monthly newsletter to stay up to date with even more exciting news from Travel Yourself.