Casey Neistat’s Guide to New York City

Casey Neistat's Guide to New York City

Casey and I when we briefly met at a Vidcon Samsung party

On April 6, 2018 Casey Neistat started a brand new vlogging series chronicling his daily life, the building of a new company called 368 ( located at 368 Broadway and working together with his South African friend Dan Mace. Dan is newish to New York so as part of the vlog Casey has started “Casey’s 100 part series: Casey Neistat’s Guide to New York City“[sic].

Casey isn’t quite sure what 368 will be yet. At least he’s not giving all the info to his audience just yet. He plans on 368 being a creative space for smaller creators that he can help be their very best and do some great collaborations. This will be where he has an office, there might be video editing suites and they have already started creating podcasting suites in the basement. It would appear that Alexis Ohanian from Reddit and Jack Conte of Patreon will be involved in some way or another too. Stay tuned to his daily vlogs to find out more. (link)

Every so many episode’s of the new vlog, Casey throws in a new update to his “Casey Neistat’s Guide to New York City” and I figured I would chronicle them here. I am a big fan of New York and am excited to check out these recommendations myself for my next visit. Especially all of the great recommendations on where to eat.

(I don’t have his permission to do this, but hope he doesn’t mind.)

the new york skyline from central park Casey Neistat's Guide to New York City

Casey Neistat’s Guide to New York City


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The Best Breakfast in NYC

Tip #1 from 368 episode #10 – His Billion Dollar Idea

Casey’s favourite breakfast restaurant which he claims to be the best breakfast in New York City. He didn’t mention the name of this place in the video, but through research across various social media channels and the use of Google maps I believe it is called “Bubby’s”. Located at 120 Hudson St, New York. The pancakes looked great! Food and Wine was also in search of this breakfast spot and pancakes and wrote an article about them here.

The Best Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown NYC

Tip #2 from 368 Episode #16 – Big Wong

There are no hookers in Chinatown but this is where the great Chinese restaurants are, it’s where you buy your counterfeit handbags, it’s where you get fruit, and bongs. Chinatown! You can get anything in Chinatown.” ~ Casey

Casey says the best restaurant in New York’s Chinatown is called Big Wong at 67 Mott St, just south of Canal St. Funny name, but great restaurant.

Washington Square Park in Greenwich village manhattan new york

photo Kate Storm

Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village

Tip #3 from 368 Episode #23 – Dan Screwed Me Over

Washington Square Park, in the Greenwich Village part of Manhattan is a great place to visit and just hang out. Listen to buskers performing live music from piano to guitar and even huge xylophone, people watch and check out kids on their scooters and skateboards. Enjoy the water fountains and be warned there are weed dealers in one of the corner of the park.

Unofficial tips

Sometimes Casey recommends a great place to visit without “officially” including it in Casey’s Guide to New York City. I’ll add his unofficial suggestions here.

Think Coffee

Located at 350 Broadway. Casey’s favourite coffee shop. He likes it because it’s a nice and calm spot, great for meetings, and the staff is really chill. They also have great snacks like sandwiches and vegan muffins. Casey says it is the best cup of coffee you will get within a 10 block radius of 368.

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$1,000 Gold Chicken Wings at The Ainsworth

In episode #30 of 368 Casey finds an Insider video featuring a mountain of chicken wings that are covered in 24 karat gold and cost $1,000 US dollars. The sauce is a gold pigmented butter mixed with a buffalo honey sauce for flavour. Topped with gold dust of course. The location is near by so he goes and gives this outrageous food a try along with Sean Evans from the famous Youtube show Hot Ones (link). Covered in gold dust they look almost inedible, but from the reviews they seem to taste great.

Do not fret however if you fear you may never be able to afford these as the $1,000 price tag is for 50 wings. (Casey didn’t spend that much either). If you want to go in just to say you did it and to get that instagram money shot then definitely go for the $45 for 10 wings option.

Described on The Ainsworth’s site as “Foodgod 24K Gold Wings – Gold dusted, 24-hour brined, gold coconut butter-chipotle honey, gourmet bleu cheese. available in a 10 piece, 20 piece and 50 piece (accompanied by a gold bottle of Ace of Spades champagne).”

There are multiple Ainsworth locations, Casey enjoyed these in the East Village at 64 3rd Ave (at East 11th St.)

This is an ongoing list that I will update each time Casey posts a new recommendation, stay tuned.

If you are looking for things to do in Brooklyn aka outside of Manhattan then definitely check out .

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