Favorite Film Friday

Every Friday we feature a different Travel film that is a favorite of ours that we want to share with everyone else. (From time to time some non-travel films will slip in there, so everything is accepted) If you have any suggestions on a Film/Video we should check out please contact us on Twitter: @TravelYourself, here on the site or via Email: cailinoneil (at) travelyourself.ca

#001 – Travel Yourself TV Show Trailer

#002 – The Longest Way – one year walk/beard grow time lapse

#003- Tahiti – On The Road with Celeste Brash

#004- How To Be Alone – by Tanya Davis

#005 – The Pen Story (A wicked stop animation about a mans travels through life)

#006 – Battle at Kruger

#007 – Travel Yourself in Newfoundland

#008 – Positive World Travel – Who are we?

#009 – Earth Hour 2011

#010 – Inspired by Iceland

#011 – Where the Hell is Matt?

#012 – Nomading Film Festival

#013 – Tim Horton’s Road Trip

#014 – Kick The Grind – Machu Picchu

#015 – Icelandic Volcano Eruption Eyjafjallajokul

#016 – Glimpses of Sydney, Australia and the Blue Mountains

#017 – the First 3G phone call made from the top of Mt Everest

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    Tips for Video Blogging with TravelYourself | Travel Edits
    February 23, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    […] In the next few months I hope to be releasing another video from my trip to the Authentic Seacoast, I have a blooper reel from Travel Yourself in Spain and some side trip videos from that trip that didn’t make the final cut into the episode. I also plan on travelling (not sure where to though) and I will make more videos then and also last but not least finally the world will see the first ever real Episode of my Travel TV show Travel Yourself. Also I am currently doing an interview series with other Fellow Travel Video Bloggers and featuring different travel related films that I enjoy each week called Favorite Film Friday. […]

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