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Last week when I was writing my “goals for 2012” post on www.CailinTravels.com the other day I was thinking about something that I had always wanted to do – visit Christmas Island off the coast of Australia and see the red crab migration. Then I looked further into it and realized that that takes place at the beginning of January… right about now. Of course it does because that is when it is summer time there, so I guess that won’t be happening this year.

Even though I don’t love crabs (afraid of them attacking me and such) I have always been mesmerized by this migration through different NatGeo-esque videos I have seen about it online and on TV. Sadly just this week before the migration started a cargo ship docked at the Island started sinking, then due to swells broke in two spilling oil and phosphate fertilizer. The crabs were already in danger from the yellow crazy ant introduced to the island and now this oil slick won’t be that great for them. The crabs have persevered however and the baby crabs started coming out of the ocean this week. Check out this awesome video shot by Christmas Island Parks Australia.

Maybe I’ll make it there next year. Happy Favorite Film Friday! :) ~Cailin

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    Camels & Chocolate
    January 13, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    In theory I want to go there (I think), but in reality, I might feel too much like I’m starring in my own horror movie about insects taking over an island with me on it. Don’t they remind you of little, scary spiders when you see them by the thousands like in this video?!

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