Seattle is delicious!


I just spent the past week exploring Seattle and I know I might say this a lot but it truly was an awesome city and one that I fell in love with. Not only because of it’s cool street art and sculptures, the Space Needle, the SAM (Seattle Art Museum) or the wicked EMP Museum but also because of the food.

Oh the food!


One of things Seattle is most famous for is the Pike Place Market, where people can buy fresh fish, produce and everything else 7 days a week, however Seattle also has a myriad of restaurants with delicious food from all over the world. I tried my best at tasting everything I could in my short visit including going on a Gourmet food tour with Savor Seattle Food Tours.

Lets just say I may or may not of needed to wear my stretchy pants on the plane ride home… For now enjoy some drool worthy photos from my trip and stay tuned for more detailed posts.

Honestly you can’t visit Seattle without some Starbucks!! (Note: not a coffee fan so I enjoyed a hot chocolate!)

That is butter! Doesn’t it look fancy?!

Scotch Style Pike Kilt Lifter beer from The Pike Brewery Co. (my favorite on the trip!)

At the Steelhead dinner near the Pike Place Market you can sit at a bar overlooking the kitchen and if you do they give you free food like this delightful crostini.

A pancake and bacon cupcake and a tomato soup chocolate cupcake from The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. (as seen on the Food Network)

Beef medallion with blue cheese from the Icon Grill.

Truffle sauce and tapenade from the Truffle Cafe.

Gelato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Gelatiamo.

Stay tuned for more in depth posts and video on my Seattle Food Adventures.



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