At the beginning of June I had the pleasure of being flown to Cancun, Mexico for my 28th birthday… well it was actually for a travel video bloggers trip hosted by Diamond PR and the JW Marriott and CasaMagna Marriott… but a girl can dream right? It did just so happen to be my birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

When I was first asked if I was interested and available to visit I imagined myself along with fellow travel video bloggers Kelley Ferro, Matt Stabile, Nick Vivionย and Josh Johnson partying like crazy, doing lots of shots, getting wicked tans on the beach while being hand delivered more alcohol and repeat. Basically that was the idea of what Cancun was like in my head, partly from because of that movie with the same name. However surprise, surprise our trip turned out to be a lot different than all of that. Mind you we did get our fill of partying, beaching and drinking on we also explored Cancun and its surrounding area which made me realize “duh! Of course there is more to Cancun then just partying 24/7


Partying on the beach (Photo courtesy of Jody Diamond)

In my video above you can see there is a whole lot more to do in Cancun then just staying on a resort. You can go zip linking, kayaking, repel down into a Cenote, visit neighbouring areas like the wicked awesome Playa Del Carmen, visit accent Mayan Ruin sites like Coba, hang out with locals at outdoor festivals, drink lots of beer and also go swimming with WHALE SHARKS!!!! Cancun is very very hot though so after a while of all this adventure and action I did also quite enjoy laying on the beach at my resort being served and waited on.

Me swimming after a whale shark… NDB ๐Ÿ™‚

All in all I must say that Cancun has the perfect mix of resort and non-resort life. I hope you enjoy the video and want you to get your butt down to Cancun ASAP!

Thanks again to Diamond PR, the JW Marriott Cancun and the CasaMagna Marriott in Cancun for having me.

My video wasย taken with myย Nikon D5100ย using aย 17mm โ€“ 55mm f2.8 lensย (thanks Nikon!) and for the underwater shots a Kodak Playsport and GoPro.