I have been home and not traveling for about six weeks now. This is the most amount of time that I have stayed still in one place for at least a year if not more and I am starting to get the travel itch. What happens when I get the travel itch? I start dreaming and thinking about travel 24/7.

Currently I have lots of future travel plans starting in mid-September but nothing that is immediate. However I have so many places that I want to see and explore. To hold myself over until I travel again along with Booking.com I have put together a list of some of my dream destinations and places I would like to visit, like tomorrow.

ufo hotel room at the treehotel in sweden image by flickr user Nicolas Boullosa - My top 5 Dream Destinations

image by flicker user Nicolas Boullosa

UFO looking hotel room at the Treehotel in Sweden

The Treehotel in Harads, Sweden

Located far north in Sweden near the small village of Harads is unique hotel property with five standalone rooms that could be called architectural masterpieces. One is cube shaped, with its exterior covered in mirrors. It hangs high in the tree tops blending in with its surroundings. Another looks like a tangled mass of a birds nest and my favourite might be the one that looks like a UFO. I would 100% chose the UFO to stay in if I got to visit. However this place is literally located in the middle of nowhere so I would probably only stay there if I was with someone else. To protect me of course… I mean toย enjoy it with… yes.

the view from Ali and Sara's desert palace image by flickr user martin and kathy dady - My top 5 Dream Destinations

image by flicker user Martin and Kathy Dady

The view of the Moroccan sand dunes from the Desert Palace

Ali & Sara’s Desert Palace

Morocco was the first place that I ever visited in Africa and unfortunately it was only for a day when a friend and I took the ferry over from Tarifa, Spain. We explored Tangier and its markets, ate some tasty food and then jumped on the ferry back to Spain by nightfall. That was in August of 2009 and I have been wanting to return again ever since.

I want to explore Casablanca and Marrakesh but it would also be great to spend time in the desert and Ali & Sara’s Desert Palace seems like an awesome place to stay. Similar looking to a Bedouin camp that I stayed in in Wadi Rum in Jordan but with a bit more decoration and amenities. It seem like the perfect oasis in the desert.

Ackergill Castle image by flickr user Erik Charlton - My top 5 Dream Destinations

image by flickr user Erik Charlton

The Ackergill Tower Castle in the English Countryside

Ackergill Tower Castle

This wouldn’t be a dream list without a castle on it of course. I wouldn’t just want to stay in one room at the Ackergill Tower Castle however, if I stayed there I would want to have the whole place for myself. A 15th century castle on the ocean in the english countryside? Sign me up!

Sunborn Yacht in London image by flicker user feline bird - My top 5 Dream Destinations

image credit flickr user felinebird

The Sunborn Yacht sits on the Thames in London

Sunborn London Yacht Hotel

London is a very expensive city especially when you are on the Canadian dollar like I am. Visiting the city I often dream of being posh and/or a royal and wish that I had large bank account. I often think “If I had lots of money and was visiting London where would I like to stay?” Well on a luxury yacht of course! Ever since I heard about the Sunborn Yacht I have been dreaming about the day that I could stay in one of its 136 rooms.

It isn’t located in the most convenient part of London however just the idea of living on an expensive yacht would be exciting. Surprisingly (depending on when you book) the rates aren’t that bad either. Maybe I will just have to look into it when I visit again this fall…

image by DanAndMoore

A stunning view at the Four Seasons Lana’i

Four Seasons Resort Lana’iย 

I have been to Hawaii twice and have loved both islands that I have visited, Maui and Oahu. I can’t wait to visit again and explore more of the islands especially the island of Lana’i. It is the 6th largest Hawaiian Island however it is mostly untouched with only 3,100 residents, no traffic lights and most roads are dirt roads only accessible by four wheel drive vehicles. It is essentially an untouched paradise of the Hawaiian islands.

There are currently only two hotels on the whole island, both owned by the Four Seasons and they are absolutely stunning. They are also quite pricey but if you have seen the pictures and videos of the property and island that I have I imagine it is all quite worth it.

Cailin in Hawaii - My top 5 Dream Destinations

Take me back to Hawaii now please!

A list like this for me is never-ending really. I definitely want to stay at these properties above in future but there are also a million others I would gladly stay at in a heart beat as well. Clearly I am too indecisive.