cailin on a lobster - The Best Lobster Rolls in Halifax

I love lobster. Most people love lobster. If you don’t love lobster we probably can’t be friends…

Growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia where lobster is a plenty (it is literally ALWAYS lobster fishing season here), lobster has always been a favourite food of mine. Lobster eating has also been a long time family tradition of mine as we always eat lobster sandwiches on Christmas Day. Don’t ask me why… we just do.

lobster boil at christmas - The Best Lobster Rolls in Halifax

We sometimes eat so much lobster we have to boil it outside in a HUGE pot.

As I travel the world people often ask me about lobster and are amazed at how cheap we can get it here. We can actually get lobster here so cheap that we even eat in sandwiches. Cut it up and mix it with some mayo and green onion, maybe a little dill and lemon and stick it on a bun. Nowhere else in the world aside from the other maritime provinces and north eastern parts of the US have I ever seen or heard of lobster sandwiches. It is just to expensive elsewhere to convince people to spend oodles of money on a sandwich.

Depending on the time of year you can buy lobster in Nova Scotia for anywhere from $5 to $8 or $9 a pound. You can buy it in grocery stores, at seafood stores and you can even buy it out of the back of a fisherman’s truck on the side of the road. Or if you personally know a lobster fisherman even better.

lobster roll at boondocks, eatern passage, halifax - The Best Lobster Rolls in Halifax

There are many places to enjoy a nice lobster dinner here however if you want a cheaper and quicker lobster feed go for the lobster roll. Countless numbers of places in Nova Scotia serve lobster rolls / sandwiches which are most popular here in the summer months.

This week along with my good buddy Candice we challenged ourselves to find the best lobster rolls in Halifax. Our list in the attached video is nowhere near as official as this one in The Coast (they ate 20 different lobster rolls) however it is a good gauge of what you kind find in the city nonetheless.

We went everywhere from fast-food joints like McDonalds to fancy restaurants like McKelvie’s to find the very best. Watch the video, enjoy, get lobster envy and see which lobster roll came out on top as the best lobster roll in Halifax!