At Villa Del Palmar Loreto with Ayngelina and Rease

High on many countries “high risk” travel lists these days is the country of Mexico. The news reports are filled with drug smuggling, gang related violence, kidnappings, a long with a few high profile attacks in particular on Canadians and more. That doesn’t make it sound too appealing does it? However… NEWS FLASH as sad as it is to say there is a little bit of all of that in every country, even our own.

I didn’t particularly have Mexico high on my list of places to visit next but when I got that first email asking if I would like to go there and visit the Villa Del Palmar in Loreto, Mexico on the west coast I didn’t even think twice.

Please note in no way am I telling you that you should visit Mexico (as I do not want any blame if something were to happen) but I’m also not telling you that you shouldn’t visit. Nor am I wanting to be insensitive to the misfortunate ones. I went and I had some great experiences.

As a travel blogger I sometimes get invited to visit certain hotels and/or destinations and by strange coincidence I ended up in Mexico twice on three different trips in three different locations all within one month and now I like to jokingly call myself a Mexico expert… I’m no where near close to being an expert but if you are looking for one I recommend you check out my friends Ayngelina and Suzanne.

The view from my room at Villa Del Palmar Loreto

My first trip was to Loreto, Mexico (not to be confused with Loredo). Located on the west coast of the country, north of Cabo San Lucas looking over the Sea of Cortez Loreto is a small city of 14,000+ people and was a great introductory city for a first timers visit to the country. I was there as a guest of the Villa Del Palmar Loreto hotel, a property that is just over a year old and is still expanding with more rooms to be built and a 9 hole golf course to be completed. I enjoyed the gorgeous spa having a massage and manicure, I swam / cooled off in the turtle shaped pool while being served Piña Coladas and the thing I liked most about it (aside from the awesome weather) was the staff. Even though the Villa Del Palmar Loreto is a 150+ room resort the staff were so friendly and personable that I sometimes felt like it was my own little oasis.

Getting excited in Cancun about going swimming with Whale Sharks

My next trip took me to Cancun to the CasaMagna Marriott hotel and JW Marriott Hotel. Located in the “resort zone” of Cancun, my first impression was that Cancun was even more over the top than expected. Big fancy hotels and resorts everywhere and lots of restaurants “Americans” would love, but then I got to know Cancun. I quickly learned that Cancun was way more than what the movies portray it as and there is a lot more to do than just lay on the beach (but there is nothing wrong with that) As you can see in my video Cancun and the surrounding areas has many other things to offer like zip lining, repelling into Cenotes, snorkelling, swimming with whale sharks and more check out my VIDEO to see it all.

No danger yet.

For my last trip I flew from Cancun to Mazatlan with a stop in the Mexico City airport. I was a bit worried about Mexico City but you could pick that airport up and stick it anywhere in the US and you wouldn’t know the difference… aside from all of the spanish.

My view from my hotel El Cid Marina in Mazatlan.

When I first landed in Mazatlan I was late because of flight delays and instead of having a shuttle take me to the airport I was in a Taxi cab. The drive to my hotel (El Cid Marina) was a good 30-40 minutes and at this point was when I felt like I was seeing the “real” Mexico, especially since the cab driver didn’t speak a word of english. I don’t even think he knew the word “Hello” so that made things interesting. He knew where to take me though and thats all that mattered.

While in Mazatlan we were constantly on the go visiting gorgeous hotels for breakfast like Pueblo Bonita, touring the city on the Fun Bus, eating so much shrimp and seafood that I felt like I might turn into a fish and we also got to enjoy the Day of Music. Mazatlan is know for its festivals and has one of the biggest Carnival celebrations in the world and we were lucky enough to be there to experience the Day of the Music where the old town part of Mazatlan basically shuts down and the streets fill with people and stages with various performances of all types of different music.

Entertainment at dinner in Mazatlan.

As we walked amongst the crowds of people I was asked what I thought of Mexico and if I felt safe. I didn’t have to think about it for very long before I could truthfully answer that I felt extremely safe, safer at times then walking down a street in New York and I would recommend for others to visit.

Tips to remember if visiting Mexico or anywhere in general. 1. Always trust your gut. 2. At night time If possible try to stay in a group and if traveling solo find people at your hotel / hostel to be friends with or choose to not go out. 3. Be smart.

I’m Canadian, I visited Mexico and I survived.

and I may of had some tequila….