On January 26th three years ago I was in Australia celebrating Australia Day in Melbourne, Australia. Let me tell you, Australians know how to party and are extremely patriotic.

Here are my tips on how to celebrate a great Australia day:

1. Dress the part. I donned my brand new “Happy Oz Day” t-shirt, you can find them anywhere I bought mine for under $12.

2. Go to a bar / beach party / friends place. Eat drink and be merry. I headed for a bar in the St Kilda area with a friend early in the afternoon, we drank a fair bit…

3. Listen to triple J’s countdown. A popular radio station playing the top 100 songs of 2011, it would appear that listening to Triple J’s countdown every Australia Day is a tradition and what everyone does. So do it. 🙂

And that is about all you need to do to have a successful Australia Day. You might want to also eat some ANZAC cookies, have some kangaroo and/or pet a koala… but that is all up to you.

Happy Australia Day!