On June 18th in Brooklyn, New York is the first ever Nomading Film Festival. I heard about this Festival a few months ago and got extremely excited about it. Being a filmmaker, now creating mostly all travel related content I was thrilled that there was a travel film festival being started for people with every level of film expertise that really just want to share their travels and stories.

The great thing about the Nomading Film Fest is that anyone from anywhere in the world can submit on any travel from any destination from around the world. The Early bird deadline is March 31st and all submissions must be received no later than April 30st. People will be awarded in 5 different categories with the grand trip being a trip to India with Intrepid Travel!

I plan on submitting a couple films to the festival and this is where I need your help. I am wanting to make a “video collage”. A video about why you travel, why you are a traveler, your favorite trip and so on. Everyone who submits to me will be credited in the film and fingers crossed once I make the film and submit it it will get accepted and then it will be screened at the Nomading Film Fest on June 18th! I will upload the film online for everyone to see after the festival and will even send you a DVD copy for yourself.

If you are interested please email me  CailinOneil (at) TravelYourself.ca  and I will give you more information and we can discuss how  you will get your footage to me, my deadline for you to have it to me in time to edit for their deadline, etc.

I am looking for you to talk directly to the camera and say:

“I am a traveler because….”

“I travel because…”

“My favorite trip was…”

“My craziest travel story is…”

Or anything that comes to your mind and you want to talk about, as long as it is travel related. (please fill in the blanks of course)

Any or all of those statements being filmed would be great, also I am looking for film footage and or photographs of you traveling.

I would love to have help with this project from all of you. You don’t need to regularly make travel videos to help me. You may of never filmed yourself before but I bet you have traveled the world and have some great things to say. But maybe you are planning travels and have yet to leave? Maybe you are afraid of being on camera? It doesn’t matter but I would love to have you help me out with this project. I really want to bring all kinds of different types of travelers together and make a great little homage to travel itself. You can film it on your iphone or your point and shoot camera or whatever it is that you have available. The possibilities are endless and I think this could create a really great film. Please contribute and please share this with friends!

I look forward to hearing from you soon! CailinONeil (@) TravelYourself.ca



Please film yourself saying your name and where you are from (if you have a home base) along with everything else. And have fun with it!! 🙂 No need to worry about editing as I will be throwing it all together myself, bloopers are accepted too!