Instagram Food Photos #010 – cupcakes

Cupcakes have been the “it” thing for the past couple of years now with fancy cupcake shops popping up everywhere, some places in New York have even started creating cupcake vending machines. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a tasty little cupcake and I know I myself love, love, love them. This past weekend I was touring around one of my favourite markets in the world, “The Rocks Market” in Sydney, Australia and when I came across a cupcake stand I just had to have one, and it had inspired this weeks Instagram Food Photos series.

Are you a fan of cupcakes? What is your favourite kind?

Photo by Instagram user CailinONeil

These are the cupcakes at the market, I had the chocolate one. Yum and I love sprinkles!!

Photo by Instagram user make_cupcakes_not_war

Rainbow cupcakes!

Photo by Instagram user pbep

Fancy cupcake wrappers!

Photo by Instagram user missmelanie1980

Not only am I loving the hot pink but the fork shape in the cinnamon or whatever that is, is so cool!

Photo by Instagram user pinkpaparazzipearl

Cupcakes that look like your dog?! OMG this is just adorable! I hope he got to eat one!

Photo by Instagram user migsdira

Safari cupcakes!

Photo by Instagram user emma_clare

Mmmmm red velvet cupcake.

Photo by Instagram user queenofcupcake

These are pretty spectacular flower cupcakes. I don’t think I would have the heart to eat one it seems so much work went into making them! Amazing.

Photo by Instagram user stephaniexonicole

What a cute idea. The travellers perfect cupcake for days when you dream of being stranded on a “desserted” island.

Photo by Instagram user make_cupcakes_not_war

Ultimate cupcake porn. meganoms.


Did any of this cupcakes tickle your fancy? What is your favourite kind? 

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