In honor of my being in Australia this weeks Instagram Food Photos post features a yummy Australian treat that I often can’t get enough of, the “Tim Tam”. A chocolate cookie / biscuit that comes in multiple flavours. My favourite is the classic original but I also love the mint.

In recent years they have started selling TimTams outside of Australia so if you are lucky your local grocery store might have them. Mine does!

Have you ever had TimTams? What is your favourite kind?

Photo by Instagram user thewrongwayup

Just a couple options of the many different flavours.

Photo by Instagram user hellomrgrasshopper

If you’ve never had these, you’re missing out.

Close up shot, so delicious!

Photo by Instagram user moterepublic

Often eaten with coffee or tea people like to do the “TimTam Slam” with the cookie. Stay tuned for a whole post coming soon explaining exactly what that is.

Photo by Instagram user katyclemmans

A jar full of TimTams? I don’t think it could be filled with anything better!

Photo by Instagram user mindyjayakody


Photo by Instagram user jelbean

Some people might go a bit crazy with their love of the TimTam.

Photo by Instagram user dildaldol

1m, all for myself!

I did not know that this existed!! Amazing!!

Photo by Instagram user zayns_mirror_

Anyone else tried these? They are AMAZING

Bite sized as well when you are looking for that quick snack.

Photo by Instagram user beasherwood

It’s a good day.

They look delicious with anything and everything.

Photo by Instagram user kazbom

Chocolate TimTam cake!

I want this right now!!

If you haven’t tried a TimTam I bet you are now craving one. Which would be/ is your favourite?