I am currently in Australian for the zillionth time and I LOVE THIS PLACE. However I’ve never found the perfect destination where there wasn’t at least one little thing that I hated about it. Also I feel like making a list about things I hate about a certain place keeps me grounded / secretly makes me like it even more.

Is there a  city that you absolutely love but still have small things you hate about it?

1. It takes forever to dry my hair here

I’m not sure if its my hair dryer being wacky with the power converter or just the humidity in the air but gosh darn it what normally takes 5 minutes to do takes 10 or more and by then I just give up!

2. Sydney’s transit system

Its a bit shit. Some of the good buses that you  want to take are “pre-pay” only and there are hardly any places where you can actually buy a pre-paid ticket. It also costs $9 for a return trip to Bondi beach from circular quay. Thats ridiculous! All around for any bus the tickets are expensive and cabs are expensive too.

3.The pocket change

Australia doesn’t have the penny anymore (yay!)  but instead they have a 50 cent piece that ways a million pounds! Also they have a 20 cent coin instead of a 25 cent coin. WTF. I guess I’m just being an ignorant tourist wanting things to be the same as they are in North America but I’m just cranky because my pants keep falling down from all of this heavy change I am carrying around.

4. Capsicum

It’s PEPPERS! I don’t know why this bugs me, I guess I actually find it endearing that they call peppers capsicum but if I come home to Canada and try to use that word when I’m ordering a sub at subway the sandwich maker is all like “WTF is that?” and then I shake my fist in the air at all Australians who have taught me that word. (Yes I know this word is used other places too but this is the first county I’ve encountered it in).

5. Koalas

I’m kidding! I love them! But they do smell a little funny…. and are slightly lazy….but I’m lazy so we get along great.

6. Time difference

It’s weird being 13 hours ahead of everyone at home, I’m sleeping and they are awake complete opposite, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot. I lost a full day just traveling here.

7. Big Bugs, spiders, snakes, sharks

They scare me.

And I think that is about all I can come up with right now…. stay tuned next week for an extremely long list about everything I love about this wicked country. 🙂

Is there a  city that you absolutely love but still have small things you hate about it?