Travel bloggers love memes and some travel bloggers love… Ryan Gosling. That’s why Yvonne Zagermann from and I had this fabulous idea… A RYAN GOSLING TRAVEL MEME!

Surprisingly Yvonne and I had some similar Ryan Gosling stories that we have never told anyone. For certain reasons, like his celebrity status of course we aren’t allowed to talk about much of our travels with him, but we are trusting you won’t tell anyone, right?

So here they are… my top 3 travel moments with Ryan Gosling:

1. In search of the Lochness Monster in Scotland

While visiting Scotland a couple of years ago Ryan and I took a boat cruise in search of the Lochness Monster. Everyone thought I was crazy and told me that there was no way I would be the one of finally spot dear old nessie, except for one person. Ryan. Ryan believed I could find Nessie and boy, let me tell you he was so excited when we found the Lochness Monster!

2. Drinks on the town in Paris

For those of you that you know me you know that I like to enjoy a “few drinks” now and then and of course Ryan does too! Here we are in Paris drinking matching “James Bond” martinis, shaken not stirred.

3. Visiting waterfalls in Iceland

When I was in Iceland last year, I wasn’t just there by myself, I was with Ryan. Together we ate the fermented shark, chased rainbows, saw Geyzers and took photos at all of the gorgeous waterfalls. He never really dresses appropriate for such occasions but who can blame him? He’s got style 🙂


I bet you also have one or two or even three travel moments with Ryan Gosling you want to share with us… So pump up your photoshop skills and tell the world the truth about you and Ryan Gosling! Hashtag is:#Goslingmoments

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(If you have some George Clooney or Channing Tatum moments that’s ok too)