If you have been following my travels then you will know that I have a “love-hate” relationship with Berlin. I visited last November and soon after arriving I fell ill, (but by no fault of the city) it did however get me off on the wrong foot with the capital of Germany. Up until now I had never put out a video from my time in Berlin as I found it a very intimidating city to film in especially with its turbulent history I didn’t want to say, do or portray anything in the wrong light by accident.

Over the past several months I have had time to mull over my trip and the footage captured and now I have edited it all together in a video that I feel shows off the city in a great light. Creating this video the city has won me over again and now I find myself sitting here wondering if perhaps I should visit again while in Europe this coming fall.

I don’t think my trip would of been as great as it was if it wasn’t for the help of Nicole Röbel from Visit Berlin, my awesome accommodations at the Circus Hostel and all of the great friends that I didn’t realize I had in this city. In Berlin I had my first taste of currywurst, it was the first time I have gotten an in person experience with the history of the Holocaust, I got to hang out at a Christmas market or two and drink gluhwein, I was able to add to my list of visiting tall structures with the TV Tower and of course I got to see and do a whole lot of other stuff. Check out the video to see my quick re-cap of Berlin and stay tuned every Thursday for a new video each week!