I’ve made it to Australia!

I’m sitting in my hostel in Sydney, Australia having landed here earlier this morning. I left Halifax at 1pm on Monday April 2nd, flew to Ottawa then Vancouver and finally boarded a flight to Australia at 11:45pm Monday night. I touched ground here in Sydney at 8:30am Wednesday morning on April 4th.

I lost Tuesday somewhere along the way.

I’m not sure if this is the first Tuesday that I have lost or not but it definitely isn’t the first day I’ve lost now having flown to Australia several times and there are also those other days where I tend to sleep all day after having a few too many the night before…

When I head back home to Canada on whatever day that is that one continuous day will last me at least 36 hours. Does that make up for the lost days? I suppose? Still feels weird to loose a whole day like that, I guess its better to loose a week day than a weekend if I had the choice to loose any.

I tried to sleep enough on the plane so that my body will forget about Tuesday and I won’t be jet lagged. I think it worked but I fear how I will be after I return home. Crossing the globe in the the other direction is a whole other story.

Have you ever lost a day here or there in your travels? Do you always make them up again somewhere else?