If you flip through the pages of my passport you will see that I have 6 entrance stamps for Australia and now I am going back again for the 7th time. The first time I visited Australia was in April of 2008 after meeting 30 Australians that I was stuck with on a bus for two weeks on a Contiki tour that previous winter. While there, I spent some time in Sydney and I took another Contiki tour along the East Coast of the country from Hamilton Island to Sydney and I immediately fell in love with this country that had long been a place to cross off of my bucket list.

Contiki Class Photo, I’m on the right in a green-ish hoodie.

That quick 3 week trip wasn’t enough and I found myself back again in November of 2008 where I explored more of Sydney, climbed the harbour bridge, visited the Blue mountains and the famous Jenolan Caves. On that trip I also left and visited New Zealand for 8 days and then returned giving me 2 more passport stamps. Back home the winter was getting me down and by the end of January 2009 I was back again this time getting to explore Melbourne as well as more of Sydney, I visited New Castle and celebrated Australia Day almost as if I was a true Aussie. On that trip I also spent some more time in Surfer’s Paradise where I happily got to stay in a second cousins “pricey” condo on the beach, with a friend, no complaints here.

At this point my family was curious about my obsession with this country and they flew over for a visit during this trip and I showed them around Sydney like a local. I sadly left with them and didn’t make it back again until that following February 2010 when I hung out in Sydney with friends and visited Fiji during the middle of my trip giving me my final two passport stamps for Australia.

It is now more than 2 years since I have visited Australia and I am finally going back again! Yay! The last time I went I had just begun traveling and unless you call THIS a good travel video I have never really made any “real” travel videos in Australia so this now makes me even more excited to go back.

I am planning on going around the beginning of April and visiting places I haven’t been yet like Tasmania, Perth, Alice Springs, Uluru, and even Adelaide to possible take “The Ghan” all the way to Darwin in the Northern Territories. I will be in Sydney from April 15th – May 7th happily house sitting for a friend and may go somewhere else after those dates. I’m dying to get back to Fiji… hmmm.

My big question for you is what videos would you like to see from my trip to Australia? Ideas to get you started might be a video on how many different ways can you cook and eat kangaroo? Documenting my train journey on the Ghan, a “Sydney in a Minute” video, “How to do Australia for cheap“, “How to Surf” things like that. Let me know what YOU would like to see.

Have you ever been to Australia? What is your favorite thing to do there?