This is a guest post by contributor Mark Wiens.

Thais are addicted to sweets.

Among the vast array of tempting Thai desserts is a dish known as Khao Neow Mamuang or Sticky Rice and Mango. It’s one of the most recognized desserts credited to Thailand and its deliciousness has spread worldwide.

Thai desserts are different from Western desserts. Instead of being eaten as after dinner treats, they are normally enjoyed as small meals or snacks throughout the day.

Sticky Rice and Mango is a combination of sweet sticky rice cooked in coconut milk paired with mango and doused in sweet coconut syrup.

The sticky rice is cooked so each individual grain has its own texture. The mangoes used are perfectly sweet – not over ripe, not under ripe, not bruised but just perfect. The coconut syrup on top brings the components together in a heavenly medley of dessert perfection.

It’s not always available, but some vendors in Thailand also offer an optional sprinkle of toasted mung beans on top for an added contrasting crunch.

If you’re a sweets fan, there’s no doubt you’ll develop an addiction to sticky rice and mango when you’re in Thailand!


 Are you a fan of Thai food? What is your favorite Thais dessert?