Seattle’s Famous Gum Wall

Located under Pike Place Market in Seattle it is one of the dirtiest and germiest walls in the world. Seattle’s Famous Gum Wall. Started by people waiting in line for the box office of a theatre, the gum was attempted to be removed a couple times but kept reappearing until the city declared it a tourist attraction in the late 90’s.

I think the gum wall grossed my friend Tawny out a bit… and made her really ANGRY! Like we are talking HULK angry! 

How to get there: If you are standing facing the large Pike Place Market sign and the guys who throw fish are in front of you look to your left and you will see a set of stairs going down. Take the stairs, walk down the drive way / road you are on aka Post Alley and you can’t miss the gum wall. Down by the wall you can also see some pretty awesome graffiti and street art.

You can’t visit Seattle and not contribute to the gum wall, (I just made that rule up) so either come prepared or search for one of the candy shops in the market and buy yourself some hubba bubba and make history.

To learn more about Seattle’s Famous Gum Wall watch my video:


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    January 17, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    That gum wall is gross and awesome! It’s going on my list of things that I just have to do. Can’t miss out on a historic contribution to a tourist attraction!

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