The Grocery Market in Girona

The grocery market in Girona was one of my favorite stops in the city as I love exploring local markets everywhere I visit. I think markets are one of the best places in a city to meet and interact with locals and of course take photographs of some amazing food.

I was in for a treat when I visited El Merct de Lleó in Girona this past fall as not only did I get a chance to tour around and shop for delicious food, but the group I was with got to shop the market with a local chef and then we had a quick cooking lesson afterwards learning how to make some traditional foods from Girona.

By the end of the day not only was I stuffed but my camera was too.

prawns in Girona


Girona and the whole Costa Brava area in general and I suppose even Spain loves seafood and this was actually the first time that I ever ate a prawn! Very tasty and almost buttery.

red snapper girona


We cooked this small red snapper fish with garlic and oil, the skin was crispy and they were really delicious.


bonito fish girona

In Girona it was the first time I have ever heard of the Bonito fish and I just loved this photo I got of it.

market girona

Our chef / tour guide through the market buys some fresh figs.

figs in Girona

This was the first time I had ever seen figs not dried. They were fresh and tasty.

jamon iberico Girona

Drool. Jamón Ibérico. I don’t want to even think about how much of this I ate while in Girona, but it was literally the best I have ever had.

chef in girona market

Our chef selects the perfect Bonito.

dried fish girona market

Bacalao, dried and salted cod fish. We didn’t get a chance to taste this but it was fun to photograph. Have you ever tried it?

Do you visit local markets when you travel?

Thanks to Visit Costa Brava for having me on their live like a local tour in Girona. As always all opinions and views expressed are my own as is my full belly and delighted taste buds.

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