(photo above: Me about to grab some shut eye in first class)

This also applies to when sleeping on a train, bus, tram, subway, trolley you name it. Hopefully this will cover sleeping anywhere in public in general.

I was inspired to write this post after flying to Newfoundland this past weekend to visit my lovely friend Candice Walsh. Flying there I caught a little shut eye in hopes to prepare me for my big weekend of partying with her and on the way home…. well… I basically passed out.

When I sleep on a plane I generally wake up to the realization that I was just doing the “head back mouth wide open ugly sleep” and pray that I wasn’t snoring, drooling or making other noises. Unfortunately I do wake myself up from time to time by making noises though… don’t we all??? (I hope haha) This past time I woke up and thought, “Wow poor people around me, that couldn’t of been pretty” and also I thought, “These flight attendants must have great stories to tell about people like me”, or maybe not so “great” stories to tell but a story nonetheless.

A couple obvious ways to look attractive while sleeping on a plane or to at least look less unattractive would be to get upgraded to first class because 1) You are in First Class and can look however the heck you want, people in the back will still be envious 2) You have a nice big comfy chair that should recline back further than most causing your jaw not to hang open and/or you are in a pod and actually have the luxury of sleeping flat out with no worries. Another obvious way is if you are in economy scour the plane for extra seats and snag them if you can that way you can lay out and aside from being more comfortable you can also avoid unattractiveness.

Other options for looking more attractive when sleeping on a plane are (but not limited too):

1)If the headrest bends on either side use it to cradle your head and keep you more upright.

2) Lean your head forward or to the side before you even fall asleep.

3) Cover your face with your hat/sweater/blanket.

4) Apply a fresh coat of make-up and lipgloss before getting on the plane.

5) Chew gum, hopefully this way your body will subconciously keep your mouth closed because of the gum and you don’t either 1) choke or 2) wake up with it in your hair or another unfortunate place.

6) Travel with a neck pillow or another kind of sleep aid like eye shades that can at least help hide your identity.


What about you? Are you an ugly plane sleeper or a pretty plane sleeper? Do you have any other tips? Was there something I left out? I would love to learn more!

Have you ever had a photo taken of you while passed out on a plane only to be shown to all of your friends and passed around afterwards? Lets hear your stories and your photos too if you have them!