(Photo above: A girl awkwardly ruins my photo)

I’ve had a few “Awkward Travel Moments” in my past few years of traveling and have heard of a few as well that I am sure we can all relate to. Please share yours in the comments.

  • You are sleeping on a plane in the aisle seat and you wake up to your single serving friends crotch in your face as they try to climb over you to get to the washroom.
  • That moment when you walk into a “spa” in Iceland / Jordan / Turkey / Istanbul / Insert name – wearing your bathing suit and everyone else is stark naked looking at you oddly. (for a post full of similar hilarious awkwardness from Adventurous Kate click HERE)
  • That moment when you are trying to talk with someone and neither of you quite speak each others language so the conversations consists of a lot of head nods and yes’s and no’s and then you suddenly realize you have agreed to do “something” you didn’t mean to agree to.
  • When you mistake a fellow traveler for being from their “rival” country/city and they get way over the top offended like and Australia / New Zealand, Canada / US or Munich/Berlin.
  • Putting the wrong soap in the hostel washer and only realizing after its been turned on and causing a ruckus. ( Candice Walsh)

(Photo above: Me pretending to not be pleased with this girl ruining another photo of mine haha)

  • When you are traveling solo and decide to take a photo of yourself in front of that famous thing and a stranger offers to take it for you. However when you see the crap job that they did you wait until they walk away to try it again by yourself but they linger and don’t leave and you awkwardly start taking more photos of yourself in front of them not wanting to wait for them to leave.
  • Falling asleep on crowded public transportation and waking yourself up by making a loud sleep noise / drooling / head bobbing just to see everyone staring at you.
  • Jumping on to the subway / tube because you got excited that it was there, you don’t want to miss it and it must be the one you need and then as it starts to move you realize its going in the wrong direction.
  • Sipping something you are meant to chug like Kava in Fiji or chugging something you are meant to sip like Sake in Japan. Eating with your fingers when you are supposed to eat with a fork, asking for a fork when you are suppose to eat with your fingers.
  • Β Staying in a mixed hostel dorm and walking in on someone changing or them walking in on you.

What awkward travel moments have you experienced while traveling? Please share in the comments! πŸ™‚