Filming a Travel TV Show

It has now been almost a week since I have been back home from filming the first episode of my Travel TV show in Spain. I’ve caught up on my sleep, gotten rid of my cold and am slowly adjusting to the slightly colder weather. At the moment it doesn’t seem like that trip has even happened it (cliche) went by so fast, but honestly one of the biggest stages of making this show is now complete! Now to edit it and shop it around and sell the darn thing! Easy right?….
There were a couple times before we left that I was worried the whole thing may not come together and go crashing down at my feet, but luckily at the last moment it all came together. I definitely don’t think it would have happened with out the great film/TV community in Halifax that helped us pull all of our equipment together.
I think Cam and I both agree that if we were to (when we do) make another episode there are definitely things that we would do different like have 2 days of work and 1 day off, to rest and actually enjoy the places we are visiting and possibly have a vehicle to lug more gear around with us instead of killing Cam’s back. I would’ve helped carry things but I’m on camera all the time so it looks funny if I’m carrying a huge tripod right?? haha
It was an intense week, filming non-stop Valencia, La Tomatina Festival, Barcelona, Madrid and traveling to every place. I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation after all of this so when Cam jumped back on a flight to Canada after only one week I stayed behind and visited the South of Spain and Morocco to try to relax.
I stayed in a small town called Mijas in the South of Spain with a German friend I met on two films I worked on this past summer who lives in Spain. I ate lots of great spanish food, did some touristy things, laid out on the beach and took a day trip to Tangier, Morocco. I’ve lost count of my countries, but I think with Spain and Morocco I am now at 19! Also having been to Morocco now checks another continent off of me list! 4 of 7 now visited!
Time to get another job, make some money, plan the next trip/episode, edit the first episode, shop the first episode around and sell it!!

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