Filming in Valencia, La Tomatina Festival tomorrow!!

We are now at the end of our second day in Spain and we haven´t stopped since we got here! We had a a full day of travel on Sunday starting at 5:45am by 1:00pm Monday we were at our hostel in Valencia with probably only 4 hours of sleep between the two of us over those 30 or so hours. There will be plenty of time to sleep when we are home!
We have been getting alot of great footage for the show so far, from Poutine in Montreal to sharks in Valencia and everything in between.
A quick update of the happenings in Spain so far:
– Saw the ¨Ciudad de Las Artes Y Las Ciencias¨
– Spent hours at the aquarium (the biggest in Europe)
– Did a little partying at the Hostel ( )
– Randomly ran into a twitter friend @nomadicmatt
– Walked a large part of the city filming along the way
– Went to Bunol to get familiar with the city before we are there for La Tomatina
– Met Benedict from Denmark on the train to Bunol who is now the show´s unoffical Spainish translator
– Acquired a balcony to film from over looking La Tomatina with one of the best views of the city

There are so many great things that we have shot so far, it will be sure to make all of the fans proud! There will be more updates tomorrow night if we survive La Tomatina, with photos and maybe a little vid! Be sure to stay tuned and tell everyone you know about us!! Hasta luego!

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