Less than a month left until Spain!

Blogging with a full time 14 hour a day job is a very hard thing to do! I swear I will get better at it, especially since we are in the last week of filming for the 2nd German film that I am working on which means I only have 2 weeks of work left! 3 pay cheques however, but not as much as I would like to have before I take off for Spain. I had assumed that I would be starting another job right away after this one which I would have to take a week off from to go to Spain, but as it turns out in the world of freelance work that job went away and I may now not work again until October! No complaints really though, as I now have more time to travel and may extend my trip to Spain and also hit up Portugal and maybe Morrocco!! That would be even more countries knocked of my list of places to see and a whole other continent possibly!
Things are slowly coming together for the tv show ( www.travelyourself.ca ), I’ve been working like crazy as has Cam my Director of Photography but so far we have our sound gear rented, the website is up and running, we have our plane tickets, most of our accommodations booked and hopefully today I will lock down a balcony in Bunol, Spain to film from for Tomatina, the big tomato fight/festival. We also have yet to get a camera locked down, we are looking for a P2 camera and we will either rent one or buy one (eek!) there goes more money, but its something that needs to be done. ( if you or a friend have one that they want to rent please let us know (hopefully you dont later mind the smell of tomatos…. haha)).
I feel like I should also start planning or thinking more about what I am going to do while there but it almost goes against my traveling style. The filmmaker side of me wants to have everything planned out to the last little thing, shot lists, scripts, ideas, and so on, but the laid back solo traveler in me is saying “naaahhh don’t worry about it, whatever happens happens, it will be fine…” I like the solo traveler in me. It will work out.
More from me later, be sure to let me know what you think about the show, thoughts, ideas, comments, I’m open to anything and everything!!

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    Dave and Deb
    August 4, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    You are doing great! I know what it is like to work those 14 hour days, i don't know how you manage to show up for traveltuesdays and followfridays with your schedule. With great work will come great success and you deserve it! good luck!

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