Auto DM – Word of the day (somewhat because thats not really a word…. or is it? hmmm)

(*Note the above photo is me looking angry/annoyed from an AutoDM (photo credit: Scott Thorne) )

If you are a user of Twitter then I am sure that you know what a “Direct Message” is, aka a “DM”. It’s a private message between two tweeters that can only be seen by the two parties involved and not by anyone else. Unless the tweeter is following you, you cannot DM them you can only send a public message.

At some point in the short history of twitter and its hundreds of apps that interact with it / manage it someone said “Hey! I want to be able to be a robot and reach out to the people that follow me. Every time someone follows me I want to send them a canned message to let them know that I know they are following and that I care about that and I want to thank them for checking me out. Then I might also tell them about my site or my product that they should buy!” This was a baaaaad idea people.

Ok, ok, ok its not horrible. I can see a usefulness for it, its a great way to reach out especially when you don’t have time to do so yourself, but then I ask if you don’t have time for twitter why are you using it? Twitter was designed to specifically be a quick way to interact in the Social Media world. Also if you are a gynormous company with hundreds of followers a day it can be effective in getting your message out, but most likely if the person is taking the time to follow you then I am pretty sure that they already know all about you and your company and that is why they are now taking their time to follow you.

To me an Auto DM feels just like spam. If I get an AutoDM from you it just makes me want to unfollow you! Also I feel slightly insultedthat you couldn’t take a moment to send me a personal 140 character message that takes two seconds to type. I would love to get nothing over getting an AutoDM every time.

I got an AutoDM today from a twitter account that will go unnamed but it just made me so angry that I tweeted out “No to AutoDMs!!! Anyone else with me?” and I got an overwhelming response of people agreeing with me. So to all of you who have AutoDMs hooked up to your account or are thinking about doing it PLEASE don’t do it! For the love of god don’t do it.

Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe there are people out there who love receiving AutoDMs, maybe you think that they really serve a great purpose? What are your thoughts on AutoDMs? Leave a comment and let me know!