Waiting – Word of the day

(Note: The above photo shows me waiting for my turn on the big stage and waiting to be famous)

Guaranteed if you travel at some point you will end up waiting. Waiting for transportation, a plane, train, bus, ride, bike, monorail, boat, tuk tuk etc. Waiting for a trip to start, waiting to go to a new destination, waiting to see that thing you have always wanted to see, waiting for it to be a somewhat appropriate time to have that drink of local beer, waiting in line to kiss the Blarney stone, ride a ride, enter a museum.

Waiting isn’t a bad thing, (but yes it definitely can be). Sometimes I find myself actually craving the anticipation while I wait for the minutes to tick down before I can depart on my next trip or the next exciting big thing. On twitter people have even come up with the hashtag #RTWsoon for those who cannot hold back the excitement any longer for their upcoming travels.

Currently in life I am waiting for many things. I am waiting for my current job to finish so I can travel (or at least have a few weeks off), I am waiting to win the lottery, waiting to find Mr. Right (aren’t we all?). I am waiting for new exciting projects to start and waiting for the McLobster to come back to McDonalds because I have always wanted to try it and when I went this past year I was two weeks too late. Also I am waiting for the A-Team to reunite (this may not be the same A-team you speak of), dreams of mine to come true, dreams of my friends to come true, I’m waiting for Friday to come and more!

I feel like 2011 will be a good year and I can’t WAIT to see what is in store!

What are you waiting for? Please share! 🙂