Me – Word of the day / Update on my travels

Me – Word of the day

Todays word is all about me and is the word “Me“.
The objective case of I, used as a direct or indirect object:
Of or involving an obsessive interest in one’s own satisfaction: the me decade.

Now I’m not talking about a “me decade” but I am talking about a ME-day.

On Tuesday March 22, 2011 I finished work early around 4pm and headed home to pack and get ready for a trip. That night at midnight I hopped on a plane and took off for the UK and Europe. I landed Wednesday morning checked into my hostel and then the traveling began. I spent the day in London with friends Teresa of Art of Backpacking and Dylan the Traveling Editor and the next day we took off for Manchester via train for the two day Travel Bloggers Unite Conference that weekend. For those next few days it was a whirlwind of meeting new people and friends, networking, learning, drinking, partying, touring, eating and more.

Monday morning I returned to London where I met up with my sister and we traveled by train to Paris for a few nights and saw everything possible from the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Louvre, Eiffel tower, Catacombs, Notre Dame you name it we saw it. That Thursday March 31 we traveled via two trains from Paris to Edinburgh, Scotland (this was a much needed rest for my poor feet). We toured around this city (one of my favorites) took a great walking tour and met up with blogger friends Jools and Kash before returning back again to London.

While at the TBU conference in Manchester I won a two night stay in a suite at any Mint Hotel (now owned by Double Tree) and I chose to stay at the Double Tree Tower of London where I am now and thats where I am taking my “Me-day”. I know I have only been traveling for ust about 2 weeks now but it has literally been non-stop. Oh and did I mention this hotel has amazing wi-fi and my room is outfitted with not one but two iMac computers and a MAC TV box!! So really there is no better place to take a me day, catching up on work and getting things done before tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be extremely excited as I take off for Iceland! I have never been and am thrilled to be visiting espcially after all of the great help that I have been getting from Susanna at Come To Iceland helping me arrange tours with Grayline Iceland and a couple other companies and I can’t wait for the Blue Lagoon!

So today for ME I ordered a large room service breakfast, caught up on blog work, took a bubble bath and just chilled out.

I think “Me-days” are very important when you are traveling, you can’t just be go go go all the time, you have to rest and relax and just let yourself soak it all in. Some people think its horrible if someone sits in their hotel room doing nothing while traveling, but every once and a while its just really nice.

Have you evere taken a “me-day” while on the road?

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    April 4, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    No. I’d like to learn how, but since I can usually only get a week off at a time, I try to make the most of it. I figure I can rest when I get home.

    • Reply
      May 16, 2011 at 1:32 am

      For shorter trips like that, that is definitely my attitude as well, because you don’t want to miss a thing! :)

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