The second video selected for Travel Yourself’s Favorite Film Friday is called “The Longest Way – one year walk/beard grow time lapse”. I’ve seen it a couple times across the interwebs, it’s a few years old so you may have seen it before too. I stumbled across it again today while selecting a video to be featured and I thought if you haven’t all seen this video yet, it’s time you do and it is sooo close to having 1Million views, maybe me featuring it can help give it that one last little push that it needs to hit the one million mark – a goal that I can only dream about achieving one day with my videos.

Follow traveler Christoph Rehage as he sets out on a trip to literally walk from Beijing to Germany. Every step of the way he documented is journey through photographs and used his head and facial hair growth to help aid in the passage of time. He edited it all together and made this very cool video. Watch it at least a few times to be able to follow everything that is happening in each photo from smiling children to loves found and lost, you are sure to enjoy! To see if he made it and to find out more about Christoph and his journey and where he is now check out his site “The Longest Way”.

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