Dublin in a Minute – Guinness Edition

Every time I travel to a new place I like to make an “in a minute” video that features all of the highlights and awesome things to see and do in a place. Not only is a nice recap of a trip for me but it is a great quick way of seeing the types of things to see and do in a city for you the viewer.

st partricks day in Dublin - Dublin in a minute

Me trying to blend in with the locals on St Patrick’s Day in Dublin…

While in Dublin in March for the 2014 St Patrick’s Day parade I was planning my trip to make another great “in a minute” video. However this one quickly turned out a lot differently than others in the past. You see one of the first things I did in Dublin was go to the Guinness Storehouse for a private tour and to take part in their connoisseur experience where I got to learn how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. Not only did I master the art of  pouring the black stuff but I also got to meet the BrewMaster himself Fergal Murray.

cailin at the guinness storehouse in dubiln - dublin in a minute

In my happy place…

I do enjoy Guinness quite a lot so this was a great treat for me. Aside from visiting the Guinness Storehouse I also took a food tour through the city, took a boat trip to a nearby fishing village, went to an Irish House Party, learned how to make an Irish Coffee, had a walking tour of the city, took a river cruise on the River Liffey, celebrated St Patrick’s Day and did a bunch more things.

cailin in the guinness storehouse in dubiln - dublin in a minute

One of those “bunch more things” that I did was go to the Guinness Storehouse again. I had the opportunity and I couldn’t resist.

However now because of my frequency of visiting the glorious Guinness Storehouse and enjoying it so much I now have this video to share with you – my “Dublin in a Minute” video. Looks like I might need to go back and do a bit more  filming…


Scroll down for more…



Had ya for a second didn’t I?

There is literally SO much to see and do in Dublin, obviously its hard to encapsulate it all into one minute however in my “real” Dublin in a Minute video I try to highlight the very best. But yes of course Guinness does still make a cameo. Click below to watch the real video.

Dublin in a minute screen shot


Special thanks for Tourism Ireland Canada, the Guinness Storehouse and everyone else who helped me out on this trip. As always all opinions and views expressed are my own.

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