The fair city of Dublin, Ireland is the capital of the country, and home to over 527,000 people. Known as the home of Guinness and a place to have a great time it is the first stop for many when visiting Ireland. On a recent trip to the city I was there to not only celebrate St Patrick’s Day but also to explore this great city and everything it has to offer. From food tours to house parties, city walking tours to food tours, boat trips and more I did it all. Cailin and Guinness Brewmaster Fergal Murray - Dublin in a Minute

Enjoying a pint with Fergal Murray, the Guinness Brewmaster.

One of my favourite things that I did of course was to visit the Guinness Storehouse. Honestly and all “cliches” aside it is literally the BEST place ever to have a Guinness and it can’t get any fresher. I went on a tour of the whole building and then I took part in a newish feature at the Storehouse called the “Guinness Connoisseur Experience“. During the Connoisseur Experience I not only learned how to pour the perfect pint but I also go to try various types of Guinness served around the world, and I learned about the history of the beer all while hanging out in the most exclusive Guinness bar in the world. bagles and salmon with Fab Food Trails - Dublin in a Minute

Tasty bagels with salmon and cream cheese. One of the many foods we tried on the Fab Food Trails Dublin Food Tour.

While in Dublin I also took a great food walking tour around the city with Fab Food Trails. When most people think of food in Ireland they think of potatoes, Guinness stew or pie and possibly some seafood. On this tour however I was happy to taste plenty of different types of delicious food without a potato in site.Another night I also dined at a restaurant called Fade Street Social.Β The menu features all local and home grown fresh foods and combined with a wood fired oven they have some of the tastiest meals and flat breads that I have ever tried. I was honestly surprised to eat so well in Dublin. A view of Dublin from a boat cruise on the River Liffey - Dublin in a Minute

A view of Dublin from a boat tour on the River Liffey.

Β I quickly learned that there are also many modes of transportation to explore the city. It is a very walkable city, I walked quite a bit and the odd time I hopped in a cab I was almost embarrassed to see just how short of a cab ride it was until I had made it to my next destination. The city is also home to double decker Hop On, Hop Off tour buses that can give you a great overview of the city and for a different perspective you can hop onboard a river cruise along the River Liffey. the Long Room Library at Trinity College - Dublin in a Minute

A view inside the Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin.

Being European of course also means that the city is steeped in history and one of the best places to see Dublin history is by taking a stroll through the pretty campus of Trinity College. This is also where you can see the Book of Kels which dates back to 800 AD and an entry fee to see it also takes you into the Trinity College Long Room. One of the prettiest libraries in the world. Irish Coffee Ingredients Paul Malone - irish coffee dublin - Dublin in a Minute After a walking tour through the city our group stopped off for a lesson on how to make an Irish Coffee. Typically I am not a fan of coffee at all but I figured the added sugar, cream, and the Jameson’s Irish Whiskey might make it a bit better. I was right. I really quite enjoyed learning how to make an Irish Coffee, and drinking it as well. To learn more about my trip and to see what else there is to see and do in Dublin watch my newest video Dublin in a Minute.

Special thanks to Tourism Ireland Canada for hosting me on this trip. As always all opinions and views expressed are my own.