Several weeks ago held a contest on their Facebook page where one of their fans could design a famous Las Vegas neon sign with their own name on it and enter it to win not only a trip to Las Vegas but a trip for you and five of your closest friends, and the exact sign that you designed would be created for everyone to see. Over 10,000 people from across Canada entered the contest with over 20,000 different designs submitted, but there could only be one winner. Jeff “Smooth” Carson from Winnipeg was that lucky guy and just this week he was flown to Las Vegas with his five closest family and friends to see his very own Neon Sign.

There was a “lighting of the sign” / “unveiling” at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas on December 6th and it was a pretty cool event which I was happy to be there for to capture it all on film. Watch below to see how the night unfolded.



However that wasn’t all I was up to in Las Vegas… stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for more from Sin City as I party it up, gamble my life away but also try to show you the side of Vegas you “CAN” talk about, from Helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon to cool places to hang out, amazing places to dine and a whole lot more.


My trip was sponsored by with help from the Planet Hollywood and the  LVCVA however all views and opinions expressed are my own. As are my money losses at the black jack table.

Filmed with a Nikon D5100 using a 17-55mm lens.